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Replicating SCCM DB and adding replicated DB to SCCM Reporting – Part 3

In Part 1 I backed up the SCCM database and copied the backed up data base files to a different SQL server. I also attached the data base files and created the database

In Part 2 I created a SQL job to run daily . This job will copy the backed up files from SCCM database server. Then this job will attach the copied database files .

Part 3

Part 1 & Part 2 were dedicated to standing up the alternate SCCM database.

In Part 3 I am going to detail the steps necessary to prepare machine from where reports will be authored.

In order to author SQL reports from a workstation , SQL database server ( SQL01 in this case) needs to trust the workstation.

This is done by exporting the server certificate from SQL database server where copied database is hosted from and importing it on workstation where reports will be authored.

Perform these steps on the SQL database server where replicated database is hosted (SQL01 in this case)

Open mmc – click on file and add remove snap-ins

Select Certificated and click on add


Select computer account and click next



Select local computer and click finish



Click OK



Now go to Certificates -> Personal->Certificates



Select the Server authentication certificate and right click -> All tasks ->Export



On the welcome certificate export wizard click next




Leave default selected , No, Do not export the private key  and click next





Leave default selected DER encoded binary X.509 and click next


Browse and provide the path to the certificate and a name of the file and click next


Click finish to complete the export




Click OK and finish



Copy the exported certificate to the workstation which will be used to author reports. This steps needs to be on all the machines which will be used to creating reports.

Right click the certificate and click on install certificate




This will open the import certificate wizard , Click next




Browse to certificate store and select Trusted Root Certification Authorities store and click next


Click finish to finish the import




Click OK




To verify if the certificate is present in the certificate store , Open mmc , add certificate snap-in for local computer.

Go to Trust root certification authorities and on the right side as highlighted SQL01 certificate is present.




This concludes Part 3


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