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SCCM 2012 OSD integrated with HTA including offline backup – Part 5

I have read here for how to sequence steps in task sequence

If you are new to HTA with SCCM it could take you 1 or 2 days to just setup your environment so just in keep in mind that it is a lengthy drawn out process.

In Part 1 I explained the code in HTA , various HTA options and created package for HTA.

In Part 2 I explained how to create a custom USMT Package

In Part 3 I explained different groups in the task sequence highlight what each group does.

In Part 4 I explained hard drive partition group

Part 5  – This part will cover offline USMT , Reinstall OS steps in task sequence.

After partition group in task sequence  next  group is Restart in WinPE

This step is needed task sequence to check if machine is in WinPE or not . If not than this step will boot the machine in WinPE using variable _SMSTSInWinPE


If the variable _SMSTSInWinPE is false then this step will run.

We need to run this step in order to do two things


First – To display HTA and Second to backup the computer if this is reinstall.

Offline backup has one advantage that no user is logged in and no  processes are running .So likely hood of USMT failing is less .

Next Step  Is Display HTA


As shown above package HTA1 just contains one file “SCCMDiet.hta” . It is a run command line step of task sequence. Now at this point the task sequence will be in WinPE and HTA will display.

From here on task sequence will run or skip steps based on selections made in HTA

Backup User data

Backup user data step will run if the task sequence variable OSDOSConfig  is set to reinstall.



If the above condition evaluates to be true then next step is to Set local state location.


Next step defines how backup will be done. With USMT 5.0 it has become very simple to do hard link backup in WinPE


If you select the options as displayed in the screen above you will be able to capture User data in WinPE. This step is using USMT v1 package created earlier. This USMT package has extra wallpaper.xml in it.

We need to specify wallpaper.xml file in order for USMT to migrate the wallpaper.


Select files and then add name of all three files.

After backup is complete next step is to install operating system. This group will run if OSDOSConfig task sequence variable is set to reinstall. ( This variable gets set while making OS selection in HTA)


Next step is Apply Operating system


This step will install the operating system . Windows 7 in this case.


This concludes part 5


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